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Brain-Computer Interface Modulated Based Immersive Multi-Posture Limbs Coordination Rehabilitation Exoskeleton System

    Most current lower limb rehabilitation robots developed academically and clinically are weight-loss walking or pedal structures with a single posture. These robots are only suitable for patients in the late stage of rehabilitation (recovery stage) and cannot be used by patients suffering from flaccid paralysis and spasm. Although the existing virtual rehabilitation system can enhance the interest in training, it can only be applied to patients in specific rehabilitation periods. It cannot meet the needs of patients during the whole rehabilitation period. As a result, different training equipment needs to be replaced during different rehabilitation periods, causing many inconveniences to patients, therapists, and doctors. Therefore this study develops an immersive multi-posture active and passive limb coordination rehabilitation training system to meet the training needs of different postures, amplitudes, and trajectories for different rehabilitation periods.



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